Neapolitan pizza cooks in a wood-fired oven at 800ºF. It takes less than three minutes to cook the average pie.


Why would you want your pizza sitting around waiting for you? We can provide greater consistency and order accuracy when customers order online. Labor costs and employee turn-overs are reduced when telephone orders are not a factor. This keeps us competitive. 


In our first year of business, we estimate less than 10 customers (overall) have refused ordering with us because we don't offer telephone ordering. That is a cost recognized and accepted. 


There are plenty of great pizza's to choose from here:

We use only handmade dough on our regular pies and don't charge extra for our gluten-free crust. BOMB Pizza includes the very best ingredients; we use Italian-imported Caputo flour and San Marzano tomatoes.


Please stop in for pizza next time your travels bring you to Trinidad, Colorado, or just visit our website to order online!